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Idea: secrets of buying and owning laundromats

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"Who Else Wants to Work Less and
Make More Money From Coin

Dear Friend:

Brian Brunckhorst, Mr Laundromat Welcome to MrLaundromat

My name is Brian Brunckhorst and I've been involved in the coin
laundromat industry for over seven (7) years. In that time, I've
developed expertise in acquiring, owning and operating laundromats.
I'm also known as "Mr. Laundromat", the go to person for the coin
laundromat business.

So why haven't you heard of me?

Up until now, I have been primarily sharing my knowledge with other
laundry professionals at coin laundry industry events. I've spoken
about coin laundromats at numerous industry conferences and seminars
across the United States. I have also served on the board of directors
for Golden State Coin Laundry Association, a local affiliate of the
Coin Laundry Association.

Over the years, I have taught thousands the proper way to buy and own a
coin laundromat. So, if you are thinking about buying a laundromat or
already own one, you've come ot the right place. I have decided to
share what I've learned free of charge.

I encourage you to browse the links on this site for more information
about coin laundromats, or sign-up for my 10-part coin laundromat email
course below, where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email

In My FREE Mini-course, You'll Learn: Coin Laundromat Secrets Mini-Course

* The typical lifestyle of a coin laundromat owner
* How to get started with a coin laundromat business
* How and where to find a good laundromat business!
* The types of equipment that attract tons of customers
* The common pitfalls of owning a laundromat and how to avoid them
* How the right lease can make or break your laundromat business
* The little known, dirty secrets of this industry and why others
don't want you to know about them!
* How to start a laundromat business even if you don't have a lot of
cash to invest
* And much, much more!

Take a LOOK At What Others Have to
Say About My FREE Laundromat Mini-Course!

You Taught Me So Much... coin laundromat customer testimonial, sandy c.
I loved the depth of content. I learned so much... This class gave me
the confidence to pursue buying a coin laundromat as a cash machine.
Thank you so much for your knowledge and encouragement.
Sandy C.,
San Diego, California

The Information Was Incredible...
The amount of information you gave to us was incredible. It gives you
a lot of confidence to move forward. I cannot think of anything else
needed for the class... The classes were fantastic!! Thank you.
Trish D.,

Brian is a Laundromat Expert... laundromat testimonial, warren taryle
Brian Brunkhorst has brought his experience and creativity in
successfully operating coin laundromats to the rest of us. His unique
approach does something that I do not often see...
Warren Taryle,
CPA MST, Scottsdale, Arizona

What a Great Source of Crucial Information...
I have already visited at least 25 coin laundries in my area and have
learned so much in the process already. I look forward to buying my
first laundromat in the next 60-90 days. Thank you! Thank you! Thank
Edmond Cariolagian

Your Course is Absolutely Fantastic... Jim Modar, coin laundromat
customer testimonial
I have been looking for a way to create enough passive income to get
out of the 'rat race' to a certain extent.
I've been in the real estate business as a mortgage broker for the last
5 years and, as you can imagine, it has been a wild ride. In fact,
that is a bit of an understatement... The stress in my business right
now is unbelievable.
I actually enjoy what I do but I do not like the fact that my sole
income is dependent on how many loans I do which is directly influenced
on the market. In other words, I do not have the right type of control
over my own destiny. I am very impressed at how well you have taken
this business industry and broken it down like a true investor.
I see this as a great opportunity to replicate over and over again. I
needed to find a biz that doesn't require a large part of my time
because I am literally working 12 hours a day 5-6 days a week and I
can't clone myself... yet. Lol. 5-10 hours a week per store is
perfect because if you obtain enough stores to where they start
negatively impacting other areas of your life, you should be able to
hire a manager to do this for you.

You have put together a wonderful package worth its weight in gold for
any potential investors. I would have tried doing this kind of legwork
and analysis on my own but the time it would have taken to come up with
the functions and adjustments would have been more costly than the
amount you are charging.
Jim Modar

We're Glad We Found You...
We found Brian on the internet while researching laundromats to
purchase. Since this was going to be our first laundromat we felt
getting a little expert advise would be prudent... The information we
learned from Brian helped us negotiate 30% off the asking price of our
store to the tune of US$75,000! Needless to say, we are very happy
with our ROI.
Dondi Dismer & Florence Lauzaon-Dismer,
Oasis Laundry

I'm on the Right Track Thanks to You...
I have been in various Director of Marketing roles for high tech
companies here in the Bay Area for the past 13 years. I recently had a
boy, now 8 months old, and want to readjust my life - so I decided to
invest a portion of my savings in a business. After hunting around for
a while, two separate people told me to invest in a laundromat - "cash
cows" they said. I have been doing my research, evaluating businesses,
and I stumbled across your site.
You've validated my assumptions - and also have provided me with
practical knowledge to assist in business valuations."
Nick Bucchino

Your Info Was Extremely Useful...
I wanted to write a note about Brian's program. I found it to be
extremely useful in two ways. First it gave me a checklist of items to
consider as I evaluate a laundry. Think of this as learning to speak
the Laundromat language. The course would be worth it if that was all
that it contained, but, Brian's invaluable experience and insight into
the key elements of understanding when a Laundromat isn't as desirable
as it might look are what truly makes the course outstanding. Brian
speaks with authority and experience about the Laundromat business and
you realize that you are learning from a successful expert. I would
highly recommend Brian's program to anyone considering the Laundromat
Tom Brown,
San Jose, California

You Taught Me Everything...
Brian's course taught me everything I needed to know to find, evaluate,
and purchase a coin laundromat. After [reviewing] this course, I
immediately began contacting owners and identifying laundromats for
sale. Now, 8 months later, I own my first coin laundromat and am
already looking for my next one.
Pamela Nevlud,
Palo Alto, California

Find Out How You Can Work Less and Make More Money from Laundromats!

We'll send you your first lesson as soon as you sign-up. To your coin
laundromat success!
Brian Brunckhorst signature

Secrets of Buying and Owning Laundromats eBook cover- P.S. Don't
forget to check out my eBook, "Secrets of Buying and Owning
Laundromats" with a free preview of the content. This book is perfect
whether you're looking to buy a laundromat or a seasoned operator in
search of some new ideas.
Click here to get more info now!


2011 MrLaundromat
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